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Registration for the 2017-2018 School Year at Milwaukee Seventh-day Adventist School starts February 1st for our North, South and new Waukesha Campuses

Dear Families,

We have some good news to share with you! We will be opening a 3rd Campus this next school year! This new campus will be located at the Waukesha SDA Church, 21380 W. Cleveland Ave., New Berlin. Our school accepts applications for Traditional Students, the Milwaukee Parental Choice Program and the Wisconsin Parental Choice Program.
Parental Choice applications can be accessed from online, so you can do them from home, or you can attend one of our 2 registration nights to get assistance. Families can register at either location. Please note that if you applied online last year, you must use that same e-mail address and password to get into the online application this year, or you can change it when you go in to the site. If you need assistance, please call us at 414-353-3520.


North Campus, 10900 W. Mill Road, Milwaukee—Thursday, February 2nd from 4:00-8:00pm
*(Wisconsin Academy will also be here to register students in 9th-12th grade on February 2nd at the north campus.)
South Campus, 2911 S. 32nd Street, Milwaukee—Tuesday, February 7th from 4:00-8:00pm

*Please bring your “proof of residency” for returning students, and “proof of residency” and “proof of income” for new students. New Students should also bring an original birth certificate, immunization records and a copy of their most recent report card and state testing.

We encourage all current school families to register early, between the 1st and the 20th of February, so that they do not lose their seat. The 1st open application period for the MPCP is February 1st—20th. So… you must have completed the online application and brought in ALL your supporting documentation to the office during that time to be complete. If not, you will have to reapply the following open application period which starts March 1st. Wisconsin Choice has only 1 open application period and seats are limited. The open enrollment period for Wisconsin Choice is February 1st-April 20th. All supporting documentation needs to be in during that time as well. Then after the 20th of April, DPI does a random selection and will contact us to let us know which students received a spot. We will then contact you with the information. Traditional families can register any time, but we encourage you to register sooner than later, as classes fill up quickly. Parental Choice applications can only be accepted during open application periods. All applications will be processed at our North and South Campuses only.

The website for applying online for the Parental Choice programs is: http://dpi.wi.gov/sms/choice-programs

• Click on “Parent Application” in the left column
• Click on “ Click here to enter the Private School Choice Programs system”
• If you did an online application last year at any choice school, go to “Returning Users” and enter the same
• e-mail address and password as last year. If you forgot your password, you can change it by clicking “I forgot my password”, to reset your password.
• All families new to the online application must first register on the left side to the “New to the Private School Choice Programs” (PSCP), and enter your e-mail address and create a password.
• Complete the application, by checking the small box at the end and submit the application.
• Bring in your supporting documentation to the school office during the open application periods in order for your application to be complete. You will receive a letter after the open application period indicating if your child received a spot and at which campus.

Traditional students may come to fill out school registration forms on registration night or stop by the school offices during school hours.
(If you need assistance and are unable to come during these times, please call the school office to make an appointment. 414-353-3520)

(See back of this page for additional information)

Additional Information:

• Acceptable “proof of residency”:

Residency documentation a) must include a date to show that it is current, b) It must also have the full legal name of ONE of the parents/guardians and match their name on the online application and c) The student’s address, at the time of application, must be the address listed on the student application AND it must match the address on one of the following:

Wage statement or W-2 tax form dated within 3 months of when the application is received.
(Note: W-2 tax forms are not acceptable for applications received after April.)
2. Water, gas, electric, cable, satellite, or landline phone bill dated within 3 months of when the application is received. Cell phone bills are not acceptable.
3. Lease agreement with a term that includes the date the parent applies to the school (must be complete and legible). Expired leases are not acceptable. Rent receipts ARE NOT an allowed residency document.
4. Governmental correspondence dated within 3 months of when the application is received.
Examples include a property tax bill, Supplemental Security Income “SSI”, Wisconsin Works “W2,” Food Share, or Housing Assistance letter with the address listed and the name of the parent/guardian. Printed statements from Access.gov can be used as residency support if the statement includes a date that is within 3 months of when the application is received and the name of the parent/guardian.
5. Homeless individuals may identify a location for their residence if it is an identifiable location which could conceivably serve as a temporary residence. A homeless family should provide a letter on the organization’s letterhead from a shelter for the homeless or from a private or public organization providing services for homeless individuals signed and dated (within 3 months of when the application is received) by a representative of the organization.
6. Properly completed Alternative Residency Verification form (Form PI-PCP-51) only for situations where:
o (a) the student is not living with one of his or her parents or legal guardians; or
o (b) one of the parents/guardians does not have one of the residency documents above and someone else living at the address on the application is able to provide one of the residency documents above for the family. This form is available at http://dpi.wi.gov/sms/choiceprograms/student-applications or at our school office.

• Acceptable “proof of income”:

We encourage families to choose DPI’s Income Eligibility Determination Method on the application. Then provide us with one of the following.

o Provide a 2016 federal 1040 tax return, (2 pages with the adjusted gross income, signed and dated by both parents if a joint return). Adjusted gross income amount must match the online application amount.
o If a federal income tax return was not completed, the parent must indicate what 2016 income the family received. This includes indicating if the family had:
1) wages included on a 2016 W2 tax form or a final, December 2016 earning statement
2) any 2016 1099 tax forms
3) any cash income. If a parent had 2016 cash income, they will be required to provide the following in the online parent application: 1) the name of the parent that had cash income and the amount; 2) an indication that no written documentation can be provided for the amount received and has not been or will not be included on an income tax form; and 3) the source of the income (name of employer or if self-employed, the self-employed activity).


Not available in Spanish, check back, we'll have it soon.